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Niagara Cottage News

Journey Behind the Falls

Taking a Journey Behind the Falls is truly an experience unlike any other! Geared with your poncho, be prepared to stand in the mist of the mighty Horseshoe Falls! At 13 stories tall, the Horseshoe Falls holds one fifth of the worlds fresh water. While extremely refreshing in the summer, you can still go behind the falls in the winter months! Prepare for a frigidly exciting visit in this case! 

For information regarding ticket prices visit:

White Water Walk!

Take a stroll through the miraculous White Waters and see the rushing riptides and how they formed Great Gorge! Several billion gallons of water travel through the trough creating this unique experience. The boardwalk follows along the edge of the worlds wildest stretches of white water!
It is just a short walk north of Niagara Falls. The attraction is nearly entirely wheelchair accessible (excluding two small viewing areas). This is a seasonal attraction and runs through November. With a 100% customer rating, you’ll want to check it out before it gets too cold!

Lake Gibson

The Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park is the largest inland man made lake in the Niagara area. Created in 1904, spanning 27 acres of farmland and meadows, the surreal piece of the world plays host to a wide variety of endangered wild life, and other habitats that have had their homes threatened by urbanization. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the beauty of Lake Gibson. 

To learn more visit:


Last minute special for 2 guests at $200 per night (regular rate $350), please call 1-866-226-4730 and ask for ‘the last minute special!’ 

Niagara Sky Wheel

Open all year round, the climate controlled Niagara Sky Wheel will take you a journey 175 feet above Niagara Falls to give you a breathtaking view of the Niagara area. Whether you visit it day or night, the sky wheel will forever change your opinion on sightseeing! The fully enclosed, climate controlled gondolas are perfect for snowy visits in the winter months to! The Niagara Sky Wheel ride varies between 8 to 12 minutes and allows you perfect views from every angle. 

For more information visit: http://www.

Bird Kingdom

Take a tropical adventure to the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls! The Bird Kingdom is the largest free-flying indoor aviary where over 300 birds call their home. The aviary is a multi-level rainforest setting housing a 40 foot waterfall, dozens of topical plants, and 80 different species of birds! The Bird Kingdom also features a smaller aviary for small birds to make their homes in as well as a nocturnal aviary! The nocturnal aviary stays dark even during the daytime hours to accommodate the nocturnal creatures.

Short Hills Provincial Park

The Short Hills Provincial Park is the largest park in the area. Excellent for hiking, picnicking, or relaxing, this park has a truly wonderful feel. The landscape, throughout hundreds of years, has eroded and formed beautiful caves, crevices, and creeks. The plant life is not the only thing living here though! In the Short Hills park you will find an abundance of wildlife including the pawpaw, white-tailed deer, and even wild turkeys! Fun for the whole family, Short Hills Provincial Park awaits your visit!

Annual Peach Festival!

On August 8th, 2015, Niagara on the Lake will host its 25th annual Peach Festival (on Queen Street)! Enjoy live entertainment, carnival style rides, street performers, and a sea of merchants, for your shopping pleasures! Come and enjoy plenty of peachy treats! The festival will go on from 10am-5pm.

Find out more information here: 

The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre

The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre will be home to several events this week! On August 4th and 5th there will be a Printmaking Workshop from 6:30-9:30, where you will be able to learn the basics of block printing. 
The Splendor in the Garden WaterColour Florals by Magdalena Titian will begin August 6 and run through August 30! Come and enjoy the beautiful artwork and maybe even create some of your own! 

For more information visit:

Emma’s Box Hill Picnic

Come enjoy a picnic party at Fort George on August 6, 2015 to celebrate Jane Austen’s “Emma,” which is now in its 200th year of print! There will be music, games, entertainment, tea, and treats! Be sure to call ahead for your ticket (tickets are $20 a person)!

For more information feel free to call or email them at: 905-468-6621 or